About Us

The history of TheryCell GmbH

TheryCell was founded in late 2017 by a small team of people bringing together expertise in T-cell analysis, bioinformatics, sequencing, molecular biology technologies, as well as business and management experiences in biotech start-ups and big pharma companies.

From the beginning our clear focus was and is development of a novel therapy against various cancers based on tumor reactive T-cells which we identify in a patient‘s individual tumor tissue.

The principles of our technology are patent protected and tested in dozens of tumor samples. We are currently active in several cooperations with clinics and research institutes to promote our concept and to prove the tumor killing potential of our dedicated T-cell selections

At TheryCell we combine a unique bioinformatics platform with high-throughput NGS of T-cell receptor compounds and single-cell sequencing (10Xgenomics) with the goal to manufacture dedicated, tumor specific T-cells for future individual tumor therapies.


Stem cell research pipette

Stem cell research pipette - © CI Photos / Shutterstock.com