Principles of a Novel Immune Therapy

Our approach is based on natural tumor-specific T-cell receptors (TCRs). We focus on T-cells which had escaped negative selection in the thymus and after their encounter with tumor antigens have evolved into dominant tumor specific T-cell clones.

Employing proprietary technologies of immune-sequencing and special tissue handling TheryCell is able to decipher complex T-cell repertoires in the tumor (TILs) and to identify the ones being most relevant: The tumor reactive T-cells.

Sequencing of the alpha/beta TCRs of these cells provides us with the basis for a truly tumor-specific personalized TCR- gene therapy.

For such treatment a high safety and efficacy can be expected and it will be fully compatible with the individual spectrum of HLA subtypes of the patient.

Cancer therapy with T-cells and pipette

Cancer therapy with T-cells and pipette - © CI Photos /