Engaging a patients own immune system against her/his cancer is the most promising strategy for future tumor therapies. There are more and more success stories of cancer treatments by novel immune therapies (see for example: www.cancerresearch.org/immunotherapy/stories).

Our Mission

At TheryCell we are developing a new approach to learn from a patients own T-cells how to direct them against his/her individual cancer. It is our strong belief that following these lines we can implement a new kind of personalized immunotherapy for solid tumors with improved efficacy and safety.

Why Immune Therapy for Cancer Treatments?

The insight that the immune system is capable of eliminating malignant cells has stimulated the development of a variety of immunotherapeutic approaches.

During the last decades, this has resulted in clinically proven treatments for many cancers. Particularly successful and revolutionary was the more recent introduction of checkpoint inhibitors which effectively restore the function of silenced T-cells.

In some of the patients they induce a complete and durable response with the hope of permanent cure. Nevertheless, checkpoint inhibitors show activity only in a sub-fraction of patients and due to their underlying mechanism they increase the risk of autoimmunity.

There is, therefore, still the need for effective treatments with much broader activity and high tumor specificity.

T-cells attacking cancer cell

T-cells attacking cancer cell - © Meletios Verras / Shutterstock.com